Joe's Success Story


“At some point I started asking more questions and began learning more about the state of my teeth and the options available to me,” Joe said. “This ultimately led me to search for dental professionals I could trust with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the best results.”

Though the state of his oral health had improved over the years, he still felt there were fundamental issues concerning his dental health that had not being adequately addressed by previous dental care providers. Suffering from an uneven gum line, an overbite and bone loss, Joe knew he had to take action. Feeling self-conscious about what he describes as the “overall unattractiveness of [his] crooked, yellowed, worn and filling-riddled teeth,” he searched for a new dentist with the skills and knowledge to correct his dental issues.


Joe’s search for a new provider inevitably led him to Dr. Caracioni at Enchanted Smiles, and he knew he’d found the right team to help him achieve his dental goals.

“I learned [what the] missing piece [was] in my previous dental healthcare.” Joe said. “The plan that Dr. Caracioni laid out for improving my smile made complete sense to me, and the procedures were explained in full detail.”

After his initial evaluation, Dr. Caracioni designed a treatment plan specific to Joe’s unique needs. Joe was able to test the waters of his treatment plan with a trial procedure before committing to the full plan. After a successful trial procedure, he chose to continue on with the permanent treatment plan. Because Joe suffered from a collapsed bite, restoring his bite would be crucial for long-term success. As a result, Dr. Caracioni recommended a full mouth reconstruction. This approach proved to be the best option to help Joe achieve his goal of a healthy and beautiful smile.


While Joe understood that undergoing treatment was the only way to resolve his ongoing dental issues, his main concern was finding a provider that could skillfully perform the necessary procedures. Repositioning his bite by shifting his lower forward and increasing his upper and lower tooth height were challenging tasks, but Dr. Caracioni and her staff were able to do just that. After seeing his treatment plan through, Joe has a brand new smile and was very pleased with his experiences with the Enchanted Smiles team.

“I am really pleased with the look of my smile and the feel of my teeth and bite,” Joe said. “The transformation was amazing. My experiences with the whole staff at Enchanted Smiles were very positive. My questions and concerns were always addressed in a proactive and professional manner. Stacy, Lisa and Dr. Caracioni are very good listeners and their depth of experience and advice about the procedures I was going through helped keep me focused on the end result.”

And that end result is a smile Joe can finally feel confident about!


After seeing a slew of other dental providers over the years, Joe felt his dental problems were never fully addressed. Realizing that he needed to take action for the sake of his oral health, he sought out a qualified dentist who could repair and restore his smile. His search led him to Dr. Caracioni and her team at Enchanted Smiles. Suffering from a collapsed bite, uneven gum line, an overbite and bone loss, Dr. Caracioni recommended a full mouth reconstruction for Joe. After completing his treatment plan, Joe now has a smile he can be proud of and a great experience with Enchanted Smiles to share with others.