Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth rehabilitation is by far the most life-changing process we are capable of performing. It involves restoring the teeth, the occlusion (bite), the muscles, the self-confidence, and the self-esteem back to a natural looking and youthful feeling condition. Full mouth rehabilitation can eliminate the variables that decrease the daily quality of life. Improve the level of satisfaction you have with your smile; eliminate the discomfort from chewing or temperature sensitive foods; improve the level of comfort experienced with sore jaw muscles and headaches, all by restoring your teeth to optimum level health and function.

The neuromuscular dentistry that we provide at Enchanted Smile goes beyond using the habitual bite (the existing bite) as the base for treatment planning. Neuromuscular dentistry treats teeth as a part of an intricate balancing act: jaw, muscle, and teeth. When these three elements are balanced, teeth come together to allow the muscle and the jaw joints to reset without strain or tension. Without the balance, the result can be temporo-mandibular joint pain, headache and neck pain, ear problems, tooth wear and clenching, postural issues.
After treatment, patients’ lives change dramatically for the better. Neuromuscular dentistry helps to relieve these symptoms through conservative, non-surgical procedures.