Dental Insurance Information

Our team at Enchanted Smiles will always discuss with you the cost and time involved in providing optimum dentistry services. We accept most credit cards and financing is also available. We are happy to assist with insurance questions and will file your dental claims to help you maximize your annual insurance benefits.

How Dental Insurance Works

Dental insurance works differently than other types of insurance. When your car is damaged and you pay your deductible, insurance covers the remaining cost of repairs. When you have medical surgery and you meet your deductible, insurance pays the full bill or a major percentage. However, in most cases, dental insurance will not cover 100% of the cost of restorative or cosmetic dentistry care. Dental insurance should be viewed simply as assistance.

Our office does not diagnose, render treatment or establish fees according to insurance tables or allowances. Office fees are based on the care, skill and judgment of the dentist and other professionals delivering the services, and the cost of operating a dental office dedicated to excellence. You should expect your insurance to cover 30-50% of the total fee for comprehensive dental services provided in a high quality, private practice such as ours.

We will discuss the total cost of treatment and what assistance you can expect from your insurance. You are the only one who can then decide how to care for something as important as your teeth, oral health and overall wellbeing.