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what causes itchy teeth

What Causes Itchy Teeth?

Have you ever experienced itchy teeth? Persistent itching in your teeth or gums can be a strange sensation. It can also be an indicator of something more serious brewing beneath your gums. Dr. Caracioni encourages patients with itchiness, tingling or other strange sensations in their teeth to schedule an appointment for a closer look.

What Causes Itchy Teeth?

Cavities. One of the most common factors is cavities and tooth decay. Tooth decay damages the enamel of your teeth, making them very sensitive. For most people, tooth sensitivity shows up as sharp pain, but for some individuals, tooth sensitivity presents itself as itching or tingling.

Dry Mouth. Dry mouth causes an itchy feeling in the mouth when there is not enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. When the mouth dries out, an itchy, uncomfortable feeling can develop.

Infection. Another cause of itchy teeth can be an infection or abscess. When your tooth becomes infected, the sensitive pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed and painful. The itchiness or tingling you feel may not be itching at all – it could actually be pain.

Tooth injuries and tooth grinding lead to enamel damage and tooth sensitivity. This damage and sensitivity may cause the feeling of itchiness to develop.

Allergies. Food allergies, seasonal allergies and allergic reactions can cause an itchy feeling in the mouth and gums in some people. In addition to itching, food allergies may cause hives and swelling of the lips and tongue. Be sure to report these symptoms to your dentist or doctor immediately.

Hormonal Changes. The hormonal changes of menopause and pregnancy can spark itchiness in the teeth and gums for some women. These changes can also cause other dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Prosthetics like dentures and dental restorations like bridges or crowns can also make your teeth and gums itch when they do not fit properly or are in disrepair. Ill-fitting dentures and damaged restorations allow decay-causing bacteria to grow beneath them, which can lead to periodontal disease or tooth decay which can cause an itchy feeling.

Are you experiencing itchy mouth or another dental condition you’d like to discuss with Dr. Caracioni? Schedule an appointment today by calling 785-783-0741.