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skip the extraction and save your teeth with endodontic therapy

Skip the Extraction and Save Your Teeth with Endodontic Therapy

Tooth extractions can be painful, and often times can be avoided with successful endodontic therapy. Dr. Estefania Caracioni is an endodontist serving patients in the Topeka area. Endodontic therapy, more commonly referred to as “root canal therapy,” has been given a bad rap as being painful, but the pain is actually caused by the inflammation of the infected tooth, and the procedure actually alleviates the pain and helps save the living tooth.

Dr. Caracioni examines the infected tooth and drills a small hole through the surface of the infected tooth to access the infected tooth pulp. She then injects an antibiotic filler material into the hole to fight the infection. 1-2 weeks later, after the antibiotics have had the chance to clear out the infection, the antibiotic filler material is removed and the empty pulp area is filled and cemented to prevent reinfection.

Traditional tooth extraction can lead to bone loss and loss of bite force. By saving the natural tooth structure we maintain your full bite force and continue stimulating the root structure which helps keep nutrients flowing to the tooth from the surrounding tissue, which helps prevent jaw bone loss.

Once the tooth has been lost, the only way to preserve full bite force and prevent bone loss is through a more costly and invasive procedure to get a tooth implant. More intermediate restoration options such as dentures or bridges can help, but they can be uncomfortable, and cause further wear and tear to surrounding teeth that try to balance out bite force that is not absorbed by the tooth that has been lost.

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