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is your smile worth a dollar

Is Your Smile Worth a Dollar?

Last week, a Parker, Colorado, man made headlines by standing on a street corner offering passersby a $1 if they noticed his sign and smiled. See the story here. [http://www.9news.com/story/life/2015/12/28/parker-dollars-for-smiles-cottonwood-brompton/78000644 ] This heartwarming gesture in honor of a friend’s memory prompts me to ask, how often do you smile, and what is it worth? At Enchanted Smiles, our cosmetic dentistry team can help you realize your smile’s true value.

Psychology Today has reported that researchers have concluded that in financial transactions, subjects were significantly more than likely to give money in the $5-10 range to persons they perceived to have a genuine smile. This perception can play a significant role in achieving one’s goals whether they be seeking a job, a romantic relationship, and any other number of interactions.

So what makes people hide their smiles? Many people are insecure about the appearance of their teeth, whether it be their whiteness, their alignment, missing or chipped teeth, visible crowns or fillings, prominence or recession of gums. These are all problems that can be addressed by a cosmetic dentist. To schedule a consultation, contact our office at (785) 783-0741.