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Dr. Stefania Caracioni has created hundreds of healthy, beautiful and enchanted smiles for families and individuals in Topeka and Northeast Kansas. Take a look at her work and what our patients have to say about their new smiles!

“I had several baby teeth, crooked canine teeth and my bite was not correct. Resulting in an ugly smile and low self-esteem. I also experienced earinfections every year for the past 20+ years (to the point my eardrum would routinely burst). Dr. Caracioni worked up a plan to move my jaw forward and cap my teeth, promising me a beautiful smile and encouragement of no more ear aches.

In have a low tolerance to pain and get faint at the sight of a needle so the idea of having extensive dental work done was not on my bucket list. Consulting with Dr. Caracioni and her office staff, I proceeded with her recommendation. Dr. Caracioni knew my fears and took her time with my treatment, resulting in a painless experience.

Dr. Caracioni and her staff are excellent and made my experience well worth the time. I have a beautiful smile and made it through my first winter without an ear infection thanks to Dr. Caracioni and her staff!”

– Vickie

Mark has been a patient of ours for several years. He didn’t like the worn down appearance, color and cracks in his teeth, but he didn’t know how to fix it. After talking with Mark, I discovered that he had been dealing with bite problems and muscle tenderness due to clenching and grinding his teeth.

I worked with Mark and determined that a full mouth reconstruction would be the best course of action. My goal was to give him not only pretty teeth, but also a physiological and functional bite to help him get rid of clenching and grinding his teeth.

I was able to restore his teeth to a position where his clenching and grinding stopped. Mark’s teeth are now beautiful, and the difference is amazing.
Just look at his face and his eyes, they really tell the story!

– Dr. Stefania Caracioni

We recently finished a beautiful case. Jessica has always been self-conscious about her teeth. She never smiled for the camera. With congenital missing canines, she knew her teeth were small, with spaces between them and yellowish in color. We are happy to have given her the smile she desired and the confidence to share her smile with the world!

– Dr. Stefania Caracioni

“Having Dr. Caracioni improve my smile was one of the best decisions I have ever made. At Enchanted Smiles, everyone is welcoming and the comfort of the patient is their first and foremost concern. It is almost ‘fun’ to go to the dentist. After my examination, x-ray and consultation, I decided to have ten teeth restored with porcelain veneers. The match is perfect. I am very pleased with the results and am no longer self conscious about my smile.

“Thank you, Dr. Caracioni and staff, for your professionalism as well as your excellent care.”

-Jeff S.

Kathleen was not happy with the appearance of her teeth and was self-conscious about her smile.

“Not being comfortable with the appearance of your teeth is limiting in so many different ways… I didn’t smile in pictures because I did not like my teeth at all!” – Kathleen

Kathleen had many replacement fillings. The fillings and crowns in her front teeth were stained and did not match the color of her natural teeth. The fillings in her back teeth gave her the typical “blue smile,” meaning the silver fillings were showing through. We proceeded with full-mouth reconstruction and smile rejuvenation. Now, Kathleen tells us her life has changed. She is thrilled with her teeth. She beams when she smiles and her self-confidence has soared.

– Dr. Stefania Caracioni

“A very gentle, talented, knowledgeable dentist… The end result was just a beautiful, beautiful smile. I wish I would have done this 10 years ago!”

– Neal B.





“When I began having headaches and earaches, I made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist. Nothing, including CT scan, indicated problems to cause the discomfort that I was experiencing. I mentioned the problems to Dr. Caracioni at my regular six-month cleaning appointment. She suggested that temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) could be the cause of these symptoms. I wasn’t sure, so I agreed to have the neuromuscular testing done. After a few minutes with the tens unit, my symptoms began to diminish. When the tens unit was removed, I began experiencing symptoms again within just a few minutes.

“For several months, I wore an orthotic. After a few adjustments to the orthotic, my bite stabilized. My headaches decreased dramatically. My earaches totally disappeared. By this point, I was delighted I had put my trust in Dr. Caracioni.

“Then, I was at the point to decide my next treatment steps. Dr. Caracioni provided me with several options to consider. Her expertise and willingness to work with me gave me the tools necessary to make the right decision for me.

“I can not express enough my appreciation to Dr. Caracioni and her team for their dedication to diagnosing and treating my TMJ problems. I have recommended Dr. Caracioni to several people having symptoms similar to mine. The time and money involved is nothing compared to the results.”

– Stacy S.

“Coby is a fun-loving, outgoing 12 year-old. But after an accident at school when he fractured his teeth, Coby become very self-conscious of the way his teeth looked. The office of Dr. Stefania Caracioni was very helpful throughout the entire process of restoring Coby’s front teeth. Now, Coby smiles BIG again, and he is thankful to Dr. Caracioni and her team.”

– Coby’s Mom




“As a doctor, I always worried that patients would stare at my crooked, uneven smile. Now, I smile with confidence and pride. Every one notices my new smile and change in my attitude…thanks to the gentle, incredible work of Dr. Caracioni. I highly recommend Dr. Caracioni and her team to anyone who has been dreaming of the perfect smile.”

– Sushmita

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