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debunking the myth dental implants and headaches

Debunking the Myth: Dental Implants and Headaches

At Enchanted Smiles, Dr. Caracioni and her staff offer a number of dental replacement solutions. One of the most popular options are dental implants. Our patients carefully weigh the pros and cons, and one question that frequently arises is “Can dental implants cause headaches or migraines?” In recent years, this concern has grown in prevalence, likely due in large part to actor Dick Van Dyke’s 2013 belief that his dental implants were the source of his constant headaches. But is there any truth to this claim?

Dental implants are metal posts fused to the jawbone that serve as an artificial tooth root, anchoring a replacement tooth or bridge to the jaw. These implants don’t rely on support from surrounding or adjoining teeth and are therefore stable and secure on their own.

While there is currently no clinical data that supports a definitive link between dental implants and headaches, if a patient with dental implants is experiencing post-op headaches, they should contact our office immediately. Headaches could be in indicator of a possible surgical complication such as sinus cavity or nerve damage. Because dental implants are bonded to the jaw bone, accurate placement is especially crucial. If they are not placed properly by a skilled oral surgeon, this misplacement can impact the patient’s sinuses, causing pressure and discomfort. Additionally, a misaligned jaw or undiagnosed temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) are very likely sources of headaches or migraines in patients with dental implants.

Even though Dick Van Dyke remained adamant this his dental implants triggered his headaches, there’s little to no research to suggest that there is in fact a link between the two. However, what remains top priority for all prospective dental implant patients is selecting a highly-trained oral surgeon they can trust with their dental health. If you feel that dental implants may be right for you but you aren’t sure where to start, spare yourself the headache and give our office a call at 785-783-0741 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Caracioni.